Let's democratize the information
PieceOfCake makes information accessible to anybody. No need to use complex dashboards, or to understand SQL, or to rely on a technical department. Just say what you need and PieceOfCake will understand.
Save time. Save money.
Have you ever sent an email with these questions?
  • How is revenue going this week?
  • How many users did we have last month?
  • What are our top 5 countries by revenue?
Now send it to PieceOfCake and speed up your decission making!
Benefit from Artificial Intelligence without knowing
We have developped an artificial intelligence engine that acts as the interface between you and your data.
No learning curve, just ask questions in natural language as you would do to a human. "Which products are running out of stock?" and PieceOfCake will query your database for that info.
Access your data anywhere
You can write or speak in plain English from your computer or mobile device.
Use any channel you like: email, Slack, Skype, Faceebook Messenger, etc. You can also integrate a web interface in your corporate webpage or intranet.
This project has been funded by IVACE (IMAPEA/2018/61) to prepare a H2020 proposal